TF Classics Wave 3

It's finally in, the long awaited cone-headed Decepticon member Ramjet and one of the members of the minibot, Cliffjumper which is also a repaint of Classic Bumblebee.

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Buzz us for further info on this latest transformers release.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Icons Series 1

Another continuation of the Icon series, Hasbro repackage Wolverine this time with different color scheme and even more detailed especially on the face. Along with this series is the long awaited Thor, we at Toy Workers are proud to bring you this 2 latest 12" Icons at the best bargain you can get.

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Buzz us for price and release details. We assure you won't be disappointed!

Hasbro Marvel Legends Series 1: Annihilus

Hasbro has taken over the rights over Toybiz for their Marvel lines, in within a short period, Hasbro is continuing the Marvel Legends legacy with their very own first Legend series. This line consist of:

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  • "Planet Hulk" Incredible Hulk
  • Banshee
  • X-Men 3 Beast (Movie)
  • Hercules
  • Ultimate Iron Man
  • Emma Frost

  • What's more, they even continued the combiners in this series and this time around when you collect all 6 figures, you'll get Annihilus!

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    Order a whole case and you will get yourself the mysterious chase variant figures! Hurry! while stock's last.

    Transformers Movie Preview Protoform Optimus Prime & Starscream!

    Upcoming soon is the Transformers Movie Preview figures, which is the Protoform of Optimus Prime & Starscream. This is an exclusive 2 pack figure which will only be available in somewhere June. Keep checking up on us for further release updates!

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