Toy Workers Transformers Movie Midnight Pre-Sale!

Date: 1st June 2007
Venue: Subang Square, SS15, Subang Jaya. Selangor.
Time: 9.00pm - Midnight

All purchase above RM300 will be entitled for mystery gifts (Transformers merchandise). There will be a lucky draw as well and great grand prizes to be given aways (all Transformers merchandise worth above RM200)

*All mystery gifts and lucky draw prizes are limited while stock last!

Leader Class
- Optimus Prime

- Ratchet
- Blackout
- Ironhide
- Starscream
- Robovision Optimus Prime (TBA)
- Thundercracker (TBA)

- Scorponok
- Swindle
- Brawl
- Barricade
- Bumblebee 1978 camero
- Jazz
- Wreckage
- Protoform Optimus Prime
- Protoform Starscream

- Bumblebee
- Optimus Prime

- Real Gears Scout Class wave 1
- Optimus Prime voice changer helmet

TF Movie Merchandise!

The wait is almost over...very soon! All the TF craze & hype is happening right here and right now at Toy Workers. Currently in stores are the Transformers Movie Preview figures which is the protoform Optimus Prime and Starscream. On top of that we are bringing in the first wave of Transformers movie figures very very and we mean very soon.

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Stay very tune into our blog for the release date of Transformers Movie merchandise! Truly yours only at Toy Workers! your joy maker!