New Transformers Movie Merchandise!

Takara & Hasbro new arrival today!
Feel free to drop by and visit us at Toy Workers.

Items are:

1) Leader Prime
2) Voyager Ratchet
3) Voyager Blackout
4) Deluxe Scorponok
5) Deluxe Optimus Prime
6) Deluxe Starscream
7) Deluxe Brawl
8) Deluxe Jazz
9) Deluxe Barricade

Hasbro (restocked)
1) Voyager Ironhide
2) Voyager Starscream

1) Unleashed Turnaround Prime

Come and enquire yourself for our special rate.


President_Mario said...

Nice blog guys but why don't you guys make your own website!!!

azhar said...

i'm ok wth the blog..so we can voice/communicate easier..

damn this TF movies...habis pokai my savings..hehehe..

i support Toy workers..coz james kasi best price n rare collection..n..its just below my office..

can see some of my collection here...

keep on blogging!

tham said...

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