You don't wanna miss this!

This Saturday (10/11/2007), we have a major TF merchandise replenished to fulfill all your TF toys cravings. When we say major... we mean it. Here's the list of stuff we'll be bringing especially those who've missed them earlier...

Also, this time around is all deluxes! and sorry no Barricade yet.

- Arcee
- Bonecrusher
- Brawl
- Swindle
- Scorponok
- Bumblebee 74'
- Bumblebee 08'
- Dreadwing
- Dropkick
- Wreckage
- Jazz
- Final Battle Jazz
- Longarm
- Payload

We're selling them for RM 50 each! On top of that in order to be fair for everyone, its a first come first serve basis and no reservations!

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