TW is taking PREORDER for STAR WARS AT-TE and Millenium Falcon.

The AT-TE has many features that lend themselves to defending the Republic or an offensive attack against the advancing droid army. The 3 ¾” AT-TE features include:

• Built-in blaster rifle and pistol racks
• Firing main cannon with blasting sounds and lights
• Multi-rotational front cannons – adjust one and they all move together
• Articulated legs
• Includes clone trooper figure for exciting battle action
• Auto-deploy opening hatch – deploy your troopers into battle
• Vehicle walking sounds
• Six firing “laser” turrets
• Authentic clone trooper phrases from the Clone Wars series
• Holds up to 20 figures

The newly tooled Millennium Falcon really does “have it where it counts” with all of the incredible features that include:

  • Light-up headlights and loads of electronic vehicle and weapon sounds – engine boost, cruise mode, fly-by, firing cannons, and more
  • Opening, light-up cockpit can fit up to 4 figures. Vehicle includes Han Solo and Chewbacca and can hold up to 18 figures
  • Remove outer panels to access the ship’s interior, then head for the medical bay to treat wounded Rebels
  • Secret smuggling compartments to hide from stormtroopers
  • Boarding ramp with auto-opening action, deployment sounds and landing lights
  • Pivoting gunner station to target Imperial fighters
  • Light-up hyperdrive lights and authentic movie phrases and sounds from favorite characters: Han, Luke, Obi-Wan, C-3PO, Chewbacca and R2-D2
  • Rotating laser turret fires 2 missiles and makes weapon sounds; ship also features a 3-missile launcher with blasting sounds, and a cannon that launches a “laser” missile
  • Missile-firing mini-fighter fits inside an opening docking bay that makes electronic boarding and flight sounds
  • Pivoting training probe makes lightsaber and movement sounds – learn the power of the Force
  • Illuminated dejarik table with holographic creatures – let the Wookiee win

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