We are upgrading to serve you better!!

Toy Workers

is currently upgrading our services to serve you better.

We introduce the "TW Order Form" to ease the transaction and orders done by our customers. This way customers can ensure their orders are taken immediately and are ensured availability of the items ordered.

If this order form seems a little confusing, let us guide you through the process =).

well your name of coz, preferably full name so we dont get confused.

yes please, the easiest way to contact you please.

optional. only if u want to receive newsletter from us.

Item name and quantity?
please let us know what you want and the quantity of each item.
(e.g. Takara Henkei Lambor X 1)

Payment method?
the easiest shipping? easiest way to pay us a.s.a.p.

the fastest way to get the items to you. Please allow 1-2 working days to sort shipping.

Pick-Up time?
We do hope our customers could come pick-up the items in 3 days time after ordering the item. If customers couldnt come pick the items up on time, we hope customers could make payment to us to confirm the order. Orders which have no response after 3 days would be cancelled.

Thank You very very much collectors!!

We hope with this new form, collectors can now enjoy speedy service from us.

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hasrimy said...

Thanks a lot! Finally you all realize how easy is internet can help us and also your business. Hope one day, you will open your heart to have a better online web base business. Where we can browse tru your products, stocks and price.