U.S. Army M134 type "rapid-fire machine guns" series M21, M27, XM50, and Emerson MINI-TAT be used for UH-1, OH-6A and OH-58A helicopter use; XM18E1, M28 and XM64 in the AH-1G and MOD AH-1S helicopter use; XM53 on the AH-56A helicopter use. M134 is also a broad range of U.S. Army and Air Force fixed-wing aircraft and a variety of light a certain number of U.S. Army Special Forces flight.

If the machine gun 6,000 rounds / minute rate of fire in the l ± 45 degree horizontal plane within seconds, fire, a distance of 200 meters in 3.14 m intervals, then hit a single shot. Using NATO standard 7.62 mm ammunition, including the M59, M80 solid shells (Bali), M60 high-energy experimental shells (HP), M6l armor piercing (AP), M62 tracer, M63 training bombs. M134 Model Reliability (MRBF) issued 250,000, 600,000 life hair, each barrel life of l0, 000 hair, spread of 6.5 mils (80% of hits).

In order to meet a better quality. The manufacturer use plastic and aluminium metal material to form the parts.

This product, the M134 Minigun Machine Gun is produce with a total combination of 63 components. It its able to assemble into 2 different modes: 1) Portable Type (Hand Held Type) 2) Base Mounting Type (Can Be fixed to 1:6 Vehicles or Infrantry Type Tripod).

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