Get ready to burn your pockets peeps!

Another anticipated week yet again for everyone to burn their wallets. This week as promised on THURSDAY (30/08/2007), we have something that you guys been wanting and waited for some time now... we present you...

- Optimus Prime
- Megatron
- Redeco Ratchet
- Thundercracker
- G1 Redeco Starscream

- Bumblebee Camero 08 Concept
- Redeco Barricade
- Dropkick
- Longarm
- Payload
- Dreadwing
- G1 Redeco Jazz
- Final Battle Jazz

- Brawl

- Optimus Prime Costco Exclusive with Legends Bumblebee + Jazz
- Optimus Prime Leader for the Ages 1984 vs 2007 (deluxe size twinpack)

- Bumblebee vs Barricade
- Ratchet vs Megatron
- Optimus Prime vs Blackout
- Jazz vs Frenzy

Since its the Merdeka Month, we are throwing an exclusive Lucky Draw for our dearest collectors. 4 exclusives prizes worth approx RM100 each will be given away to 4 of our lucky winners via your ticket numbers.
Images can be found on previous pages... and price for certain items TBA. The rest of it, we are sure you've known them better. Coming to you only at Toy Workers!

P/s: Ticketing format will be used again for this round as we feel that its the only fairest way that we can do, we apologize for any inconvenient caused for other collectors who is unable to get what they wanted. Worry not as we are still trying to restock more and to cater you needs!

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