EE Exclusive Star Wars Elite Forces of the Republic

PREORDER NOW!! The photos below show the EE exclusive Mandalorians & Omega Squard Set, and Clone Troopers Set. Hurry up!! Stock is limited. Get it now with the best price in town at Toy Workers...your joy maker!!The EE Exclusive Star Wars Mandalorians & Omega Squad Set includes:
1x Omega Squad Sergeant
1x Omega Squad Sniper
1x Llats Ward
1x Rav Bralor
1x B'arin Apma
1x Omega Squad Demolition
1x Omega Squad Communications

The EE Exclusive Star Wars Mandalorians & Clone Troopers Set includes:
2x Clone Trooper
2x ARC Trooper
1x Mij Gilamar
1x Dred Priest
1x Isabet Reau

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