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This case contains the following:

Bumblebee 2008 Camaro: Bumblebee assumed this upgraded mode not in relation to a strategic requirement, but because Mikaela referenced him as a piece of crap Camaro. This Bumblebee mold is a little sleeker and better balanced than its predecessor. Bumblebee is equipped with a bladed cannon-type weapon.

Cliffjumper: Cliffjumper is a red repaint of the upgraded Camaro version of Bumblebee. He’s extremely well articulated, and is armed with a bladed cannon weapon. In contrast to his friend Bumblebee, Cliffjumper favors a more straightforward and/or violent approach.

Camshaft: An Autobot repaint of Decepticon Swindle, Camshaft’s armor is heightened by the power of the Allspark. Camshaft’s vehicle mode is a design-laden Chevrolet Cobalt. Camshaft is well balanced and reasonably well articulated, and is equipped with torso-housed telescoping cannon.

Landmine: Landmine was upgraded by the power of the Allspark from a Sector Seven assault buggy into a reasonably complex-looking Autobot. Landmine’s vehicle mode is equipped with a hood-mounted gun, the weapon becoming a handheld cannon in robot mode.

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