It's Christmas, it's time to PLAYex! '07...

Too cool!! No words can describe...!!

PlayEx! '07 is the only exhibition of it's kind with a dedicated
'Play' area where attendees will have a hands-on experience of available games. The focus of the convention is to create a fun-filled atmosphere for attendees who can try out the latest toys, games, comics and gadgets. In line with this focus, we at PlayEx! are commited to kick start the most interactive exhibition of the year! No more sitting back and observing. Now, everyone gets to PLAY!


Date: December 14th - 16th, 2007
Time: 1000 - 2100
Venue: MVEC (Midvalley Exhibition Centre)

Guys!! Get to play!! Get the fun with Toy Workers at PLAYex!'07...

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